Steve Hawker is a musician, artist and workshop leader working in Cornwall.

Starting out from the age of 8 with a classical training in piano and composition, he went on to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Cambridge University. He has performed in recitals and competitions around the UK, including the BBC Young Musician of the Year. Branching out from the world of classical music, he has also played keyboards in Brimingham punk band Circadia, and with Leamington-based Satsangi, who have been getting airtime on the BBC Asian Network, with their video 'Iodine' being picked for the launch of the upcoming MTV World channel.


On the production front, Steve draws on a variety of influences (from classical music, electronica, dance, ambient, field recordings, and world music) to create music in a wide range of different genres. Alongside his solo work, Steve has collaborated with artists and musicians on all sorts of projects, from the musical, poetical and theatrical, to multimedia education projects.

Steve has also been working on ways in which music and technology can combine to provide new ways of creating and performing music. He has developed new musical interfaces using Nintendo Wii remotes which allow movement and gesture to translate into sound, music and image. In an education and workshop context this provides a way to make music more accessible to those without any previous experience of playing an instrument. And in a more general sense it raises interesting questions about ways of using the body as a medium for self-expression, and the future of music and VJ interfaces.