River Song

A multiscreen video and sound piece exploring the variety of sound and light found within a 20 yard stretch of the River Camel in Cornwall. Looking at the interaction between light, sound and water, River Song seeks to uncover some of the essence of the element of water - rhythmic, fluid, reflective, transparent. And above all, its ability to entrance and reveal some of the dynamic principles that underly much of our existence - after all we are 90% water. Currently seeking a venue.
Underworld @ The Exchange, September 2008

An interactive sound and video installation for "Out of Bounds" - a national event organised by Tate Britain and ICA which used the spaces in art galleries not normally open to the public, such as basements. "Underworld" was one of several exhibits at The Exchange in Penzance, and used Wii remotes to trigger the sounds. Using two Wiimotes as pendulums cutup the voice track, and pressing the buttons on two further Wiimotes triggered samples allowing people to mix their own soundtrack.

The story, based on Orpheus and the Underworld, was created by Jack Merrall. Video was created from photography taken at Carn Euny, Cornwall.