Steve has experience in both leading workshops and teaching. He has been a lecturer at Warwickshire College and at Hereward College (the national college for the disabled in Coventry), teaching courses including music technology, music theory, improvisation, and keyboards.

Having worked in both the formal and informal music sectors he is able to tailor workshops towards curriculum goals if required, and has experience working with children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and special educational needs.

He has done workshops in a variety of different settings:

- Mainstream schools
- Special needs schools
- In mental health settings
- With young offenders

Workshops centre around innovative uses of music technology combined with traditional musical instruments and song-writing. Gadgets include Nintendo Wii Remotes, SoundBeam and other tools. These allow people with no previous musical experience to compose and perform their own music, quickly gaining confidence and finding that music-making can be both fun and a valuable means of self-expression.

Projects include:

Plymouth Music Zone have a fantastic sensory room. The BPM sessions use all the senses to help children and adults with learning difficulties to create music. Steve has introduced the use of Nintendo Wii remotes into these sessions, encouraging participants to use movement. Recording technologies allow people to instantly hear the results of their performances, and music tracks can be mixed on the fly to produce quality musical results, giving a sense of achievement.

"A child based installation that brings digital creativity into the classroom. Combining visual, audio and movement work it allows young people to author and manipulate their own virtual environments."
As well as delivering the workshops and creating music from sounds the pupils recorded in their school environments, Steve also produced the music and sounds for a variety of themes for the children to explore. The music technology allowed the young people to record their own sounds and perform/mix them live to create a soundtrack for their multimedia environments.

The Music Igniter
A training course for music leaders organised by MusicLeader West Midlands. Alongside intensive training by Phil Mullen of Goldsmiths College, this course resulted in music workshop projects at a special needs school and a secure mental health unit for young offenders.

Steve has a current CRB check, public liability insurance, and has signed up to the Code of Practice for Music Leaders